About Me


Jennie Grayson is a mother of three, two daughters and a son. She has lived in Milton Keynes for over 30 years having first come here from London with her mother in 1981 to live in Old Stratford. Sadly, Jennie’s mother passed away four years after moving to Milton Keynes and having never known her father, she was in foster care until she met her husband.

Jennie has sad memories of her childhood and teenage years and despite being in a small family unit of just herself and her mother, feels that they never really got along very well. She found herself spending a lot of time with her spirit friend, Christine, a young black girl with plaits. Jennie felt she was able to tell all her troubles and woes to Christine but at the time did not realise the significance of her spirit ‘friend’ – as she had never been given any explanation of the spirit world.

Jennie Grayson has natural medium skills passed down through her maternal family line. She recalls times when her mother would have ladies round who sat in the front room with her, while Jennie was sent to her bedroom out of the way. 

On one occasion Jennie remembers walking into the dining room where a group of people were sitting round the table holding hands. Her mother was furious with her but she never explained what they were doing or discussed her own mediumistic leanings with her.

Having lost her mother aged only 14, Jennie feels that her mother was probably waiting until she was older to explain the special ‘gift’ they both shared. Jennie’s grandmother was also known as the lady ‘who read the tea-leaves’ and like her mother had a garden full of herbs and flowers. ‘There were always visitors calling round for bottles of herbal potions and lotions’, she says, ‘but I never knew what they were and I was never allowed to help. Mum certainly was known by everyone in the village’.

Although Jennie says she never really got on with her mum, she mourned her passing as any young child and regrets today that they didn’t have a closer relationship. She found the years she spent in foster care very hard and her marriage was fraught with tragedy.

In 1994 the couple lost twins in pregnancy under difficult circumstances and only three years later lost their son Scott, once again during a very late pregnancy. She is very grateful and appreciative of the three children she has today.

During these extremely difficult periods of her life Jennie did not have the relationship with spirit that she enjoys today. She tells of hearing voices in her head. The first time was when her mother was in the Hospice, she was at school and the voice told her that her mother was not going to get better. Jennie was very frightened by this. Her mother passed away only a few days later.

Throughout her marriage Jennie was often visited by spirit, she was aware of their comforting presence while she would sit feeding her small babies, they would approach her in dreams and often speak to her during the day. She saw orbs (balls of lights) in a friend’s house and the shadow of a woman standing in her daughter’s bedroom. Her husband awoke one night to find her talking to a spirit that was pushing her young son’s yellow Tonka lorry across the landing… he’d had enough… it was time to do something about it!

So in the wake of her husband’s frustration Jennie found herself at an Open Circle. ‘It was like someone had just switched on a light’.

Jennie attended open circle and closed circle for three years and at the same time attended classes at the SAGB (Spiritual Association of Great Britain) where she learned more about her ‘gift’ and how to use it for the good of others.

Jennie now regularly gives philosophy talks and readings at Church Services in Spiritualist Churches and Evenings of Clairvoyance throughout the area. More recently she has been hiring larger venues and doing her own Evenings of Clairvoyance, to full house audiences. She also works full time in Stony Stratford, Milton Keynes giving daily 1-2-1 readings and using her Reiki Level I and II and so much more.

To her acclaim she was the first medium ever to work at Bletchley Park, ‘an incredibly fascinating place with lots of unexpected spiritual contact’. She has worked on TV and radio and is becoming something of a household name.

In the past, Jennie has also been called upon by the Police to help in very high security and confidential cases.

Through her own personal experiences and tragedies Jennie now spends a lot of time working closely with parents who have lost children through suicide, murder, accident and natural causes. She has great empathy with these parents understanding their distress and in validating their circumstances brings messages through from their lost loved ones giving them the comfort and support to help them through their grieving process.

“Having experienced difficult circumstances in my life, I understand the plight of people who are suffering and in need of guidance from spirit. Being able to talk to the Spirit World is more important than giving psychic messages (tarot etc), although I do appreciate some people require guidance on their future…”.