My Services & Psychic Readings


I offer the following services and treatments and I give a little coverage on each area here but if you would like further information and prices then please contact me directly on 01908 563477. 

First and foremost I am a Clairvoyant and I specialise in my communication with the spirit world directly, and give clear readings to each client from spirit, bringing through loved ones who have passed away. My main expertise is working with the bereaved but I also specialise in giving advice on your future and clearer directions of where your life is heading.

Readings: This is a one to one service . You choose whether you wish to have direct communication for your loved ones or whether you need to know where you are heading in life via a psychic reading.

Past Life Regression: Do you ever wonder what and who you were in a past life.  Would it help you to understand your path in this life and help to clear up recurring dreams and thoughts that you have had for years.  Do you have phobias that you don’t understand?  With the use of Spiritual Meditation I help you to relaxation to travel back to previous lives, giving you answers and help on past events.

Reiki I & II: I am a qualified Reiki practitioner and have been so for the last 10 years.  I offer Reiki to people who are in need of some healing, either on their mind, body or spirit.

Events:  I have travelled with an Events team for several years now and I love being on the road and visiting many different towns and places and meeting so many amazing people and what is better than me coming to your home town, for you to witness a truly brilliant evening.  The evening consists of readings off of photographs which people bring to the events, these are truly “must go to” events and I would advise anyone who has not been before to come along and see exactly what a great and enjoyable night it is.

Corporate Events: These are now very popular events for companies looking for either Team Building evenings or as a thank you to staff for their hard work throughout the year.  More companies are looking for that “alternative” event and what better way than having your very own private corporate evening, connecting together on a professional level with the spirit world amongst you all and giving you love and guidance from the world of spirit.

Ghost Hunts: Wow, wow, wow. I am hooked on these absolutely great nights out.  Be prepared for anything and for the unexpected.  We visit places which have ghostly occupancy and we contact the dead.  We set up experiments around the buildings to allow the spirit world to communicate and we hold a séance during the evening.  If you are brave of heart then these are a MUST.

Victorian Séances:  Excellent fun. Reaching into the past, these old fashioned evenings are not to be missed.  This is the original way in which spiritualism was started and as in the old days, we all sit around a table, holding hands, in a dimly lit room and we ask “Is anyone there?”  This is certainly not for the faint-hearted and communicators from the spirit world will certainly let you know they are around and entertain you.  Every and any spirit may choose to visit and these are certainly a talking point with friends and family after.

Private Séance Parties: These are for private groups of up to 10 people who wish to try something different. Similar to my Victorian Seance, this is where we use the traditional methods of communication, dating back a hundred years or more and attempt to connect with the world of spirit in ways other than Clairvoyance. Exceptionally good evenings and will always leave you with loads to talk about and absolute proof of the world of spirit.

Missing People:  Do you have a missing loved one that you desperately miss and wonder what has happened to them?  Where are they and what are they doing.  By using dowsing and spiritual connection I try and connect and communicate with a loved one who is missing and help give you answers and a new direction for looking.

Pet Healing – Give your pet that natural form of Healing to help them.  Pre or Post op or maybe just a little run down and needing spiritual light and energy.  Just as humans enjoy the wonderful effects of Reiki, so do pets too.