Dear Jennie, thank you so much for my reading - I am still absolutely blown away by the accuracy and the information that you gave me. I have waited almost 8 years for the answers to my questions and I have seen many mediums over that time! You are an amazing lady with a fab personality - I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you on every level. Thank you again from me and from Ryan. Love Lesley xxxxxxx By: Lesley

Not sure if you remember but I came to Carole's Mini Party in November. I was pregnant at the time and you predicted the baby would be a girl born on the 10th December and would weigh 7lb 3 oz and that she would be really long limbed. Our daughter, Nyah, was born 10th December and weighed 7lb 4 oz and is really long. You have completely changed the opinion of my partner about everything and what he believes in. I am so impressed and will definitely be contacting Heidi to book up a one to one reading with you. Thank you for a fabulous evening By: Lauren - baby prediction testimonial

I just want to say that I had the most amazing time coming to see you last night. My life has been pretty bad for quite a few years now, but you gave me so much hope for the future and I am very grateful to you for that. Coming to see you was the best thing i have ever done. Many many thanks. By: Julie, - Mini Party testimonial

Jennie has now visited us at Witney Spiritualist Church on a few occassions and we have the most enjoyable evenings. Jennie has the most amazing way with her and the quality of her delivery of an address and messages are inspiring. Her Spirit communication is of the highest calibre and we urge anyone who has a chance to see her work, please do so, you will not be disappointed. Her most recent visit to us converted someone who was a sceptic!! Her time with us for a service is never long enough. By: Sue, - Spiritualist Church testimonial

I just want to say thanks for a great Clairvoyant Evening last week. You gave a reading to my daughter. You have no idea how much that meant to her and our family. She has been going through a very bad time this year, depression, a job she hated and "friends" who were not great. Last week she went on a drinking binge and ended up taking an overdose of tablets. It was a very dark time for us all. It shocked her into thinking seriously about life changes she needed to make and people she needed to cut out of her life. Everything you said with the message from her nan and grandad reaffirmed that and was spot on. I wanted you to know how important your messages were. By: Linda - Clairvoyant Evening testimonial

I've now attended two ghost hunts arranged by Jennie and I have enjoyed both of them immensely. These events are a fantastic mix of humour, paranormal investigation and spiritual awareness. Jennie helps to bring things to life with her connection with spirit that gives these evenings a whole new dimension. The events are always well organised and I do enjoy the chocolate biscuits and warm drinks. Just what you need after walking around in the dark with your senses on overdrive. I would encourage anyone interested in doing a ghost hunt to try one of Jennies events. I've certainly not been disappointed. By: Mike, - Ghosthunt testimonial

Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you ..... it was an amazing night and you were sooo accurate - you have an amazing talent!! Many thanks for giving all the girls a night to remember and for those that were unsure of it, I feel that they are now firm believers. By: Penny  - Mini Party testimonial

I first had a one to one reading with Jennie in June 2010. Before this I’d been to various other clairvoyants in the thirteen years since my Mum had passed and I’d never been given any information that meant anything to me. In fact I’d almost given up hope completely that any type of spirit world existed. A friend gave me Jennie’s number and I just felt that I had to give it one last try. My one to one with Jennie was amazing, I felt like I’d sat and talked to my Mum for an hour. Jennie couldn’t of possibly known any of the information that she gave me and it was incredible. Jennie was so precise about everything, I was even able to ask my Mum a few unanswered questions about her passing. It was fantastic. Then last month Jennie came to my home to do a cleansing on our house and Jennies information was once again spot on. Jennie also communicated with a few more loved ones that had passed and once again gave information that only myself and my husband knew. Jennie asked us if we’d had any issues with one of the trees in our garden of course we hadn’t and she warned us to keep an eye on it. Three days later we came home to find a neighbour in our garden with a chainsaw cutting our trees, he had even removed our boundary to do so……Nice! Jennie is an amazingly gifted person and I would recommend anyone going to see her. Three of my friends have been to see her since and absolutely agree. By: Trudy, Aylesbury, - Reading and House Cleanse testimonials

I have had two brilliant readings with Jennie. She is fantastic person and an amazing medium, her readings were so accurate and detailed. Jennie has been a great help in a particularly difficult time in my life and it is so comforting to know that my family & friends in spirit are looking out for me & protecting me. I have been to several of Jennie's events and she never ceases to amaze me - thank you Jennie, you are a star xx By: Cheryl, - Reading testimonial

We first met Jennie after some strange occurances in our house; a heavy piece of furniture had moved and we didn't know what to make of it at all. A friend suggested Jennie could help and although we were a bit skeptical we were truly amazed by her visit. As well as dealing with our uninvited house guests, Jennie also received communication from a lost loved one and knew such personal things no-one else could possibly know. It has totally changed our perspective. Jennie is a lovely, warm person with an exceptional gift and I would not hesitate to recommend her. By: Amanda - Reading testimonial

Jennie Grayson is a brilliant medium - I have been lucky enough to have a private reading and was amazed by all the things she told me, which were so accurate. I have also been lucky enough to go to several of Jennie's events, she is brilliant and has a wonderful manner in the way she delivers a message to you. She really touches your heart when giving you a message and brings happiness to many people who have lost someone. She really is a very special lady and has helped so many people including myself. She is a selfless person that will give you the time and understanding you need. By: Janey - Reading Testimonial